[OIST Update] December 2013

Reflecting on OIST’s Two-Year Transformation

The official Inauguration of OIST Graduate University took place on November 19, 2011. On the gloriously sunny afternoon of November 23rd, the University joyously celebrated its 2nd Birthday in recognition of the tireless work of the highly talented and dedicated University staff. Over 500 hundred staff members and their families gathered in the Center Court to enjoy fine food and a wide variety of live performances by staff, their family and friends of music, dance and the martial arts.

There has been considerable growth in the two years since the University was inaugurated. Back in November 2011, just over 20 research units were operating, the Graduate School was yet to begin, the Center Building and Laboratory 1 were the only operating buildings on the main campus. Since that time, Laboratory 2, the Auditorium, the parking structure, the exercise gym, convenience store and all of the on-campus accommodations have been added. More than 40 research units now operate on the main campus and the Graduate School has begun its second year of operation with over 50 students enrolled in the PhD program. We have increased the number of scientific workshops/conferences and the number of academic visitors, seminar lecturers and collaborators has increased markedly. The Child Development Center operates for 10 hours per weekday with over 60 children enrolled in the pre-school and after-school programs. The Resource Center provides support and guidance to university employees and their families. The number of employees has increased from 350 to 560.

Public outreach has also grown significantly. Since the guided and unguided tour program started in April 2012, we welcome onto our campus, about 1700 public visitors per month. The University sponsors a wide range of cultural events, including the concert series, art exhibitions and public lectures, each showcasing high-level international, national and Okinawan performers, artists and academics.

We at OIST Graduate University are greatly appreciative of the sustained and visionary support that we receive from the Japanese government and the people of Okinawa, without which the birth and rapid growth of the University would not have been possible.

OIST President Jonathan Dorfan


Professor George Iwama Joins OIST

Professor George Iwama Joins OIST

Professor George Iwama will join the Okinawa Institute for Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) as Executive Vice President, starting in early January 2014.

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Tracking Japan’s Tsunami Debris

On October 25, the International Workshop on Marine Debris, Environmental Monitoring, and Disaster Mitigation took place at OIST.

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Young Women SCORE! High

At the 2nd Annual SCORE!, 13 teams of high school students from within Okinawa gave presentations on the content and potential of their research.

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A group of researchers from the OIST Nanoparticles by Design Unit can now make custom-designed multicomponent nanoparticles with controlled shape and structure.

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OIST Hosts TEDxRyukyu

TEDxRyukyu took place at OIST on Saturday November 9th.

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OIST Student’s Return to China Leads to New Discovery

A multinational project has led to the finding of not only one of the world’s rarest ant genus, but also the discovery of a new ant species.

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Behind the Curtain

In a space draped with yellow curtains, a researcher dressed all in white, with only his eyes showing, is staring at a small plate, the size of a person’s fingernail. The location is a cleanroom in OIST’s Laboratory 2.

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Bach Concert at OIST

The J.S. Bach Concert took place on November 30th. 450 people from OIST and the public packed the auditorium.

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